Our Services back

DonWivar is the pride of the village Ippotur, 3 rooms and 500 seats in total, ten-year experience of banqueting, constitute the business card. Guests at the resort can take advantage of very favorable conditions, and if you want you can take advantage of the many events that are organized,

Club House
Housed in a refurbished ancient fortress, centuries ago was the customs entrance to the village. Today, the Bar also works as a clubhouse and a hub for events and social life of the center.

The Main area has a WiFi spot

All bungalows have their own bathroom with shower
and toilet. The campsite is equipped with two structures
bathrooms with showers and free hot water. On request
Private bathrooms are available

Upon request we offer a laundry service

Daily cleaning, linen and towels
The service is on request and includes the weekly cleaning included in the rate base.

Cats and Dogs are allowed in the village, bungalows are also available with pen personal request.

Each bungalow has a parking space.

External services

Agreements with beaches and marinas across the province,guide service,dog sitter and organize boat

tour for families on the islands of Palmaria,Tino,Tinetto and five lands more special trips deep sea fishing.

Conventions for yacht charter with the possibility of skipper and tour guide with shuttle service from the